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has a fantastic Amazon Rainforest. It combines an spectacular cloud forest in the upper basin of the Amazon, belonging to the east sides of the Andean mountains, with the fantastic lowlands, where the fauna is abundant and the flora beautiful. The following are our Peru Rainforest tours:

MADRE DE DIOS RIVER AREA: We offer several alternatives in this area with  accommodations in comfortable jungle lodges and wide possibilities to observe several species of birds and wild animals such as monkies, caymans, oropendolas, king fisher, etc. A 1 hour flight will take us from Lima or Cusco to the small city of Puerto Maldonado from where our tours start, navigating on the River Madre de Dios. We offer 3, 4 , 5, or more day tours. Departures any time for individuals or groups. 

TAMBOPATA RIVER AREA: This area is well know for the great opportunities that it offers to observe the famous "collpas" where we can have a  fantastic demonstrations of natural life when flocks of parrots and macaws arrive every morning to the collpas to feed themselves with clay. We organize 5 and 6 day tours with a combination of camping and rustic lodge accommodation. Departures any time.

MANU NATIONAL PARK: Manu Park in Peru is perhaps one of the most famous jungle areas in the world. With a fantastic content of wildlife and incredible flora, Manu National Park is reacheable by air with a direct flight from Cusco city. The following tours are available:

1: 5 day tour with return flight from Cusco city.

2: 6 day tour with a combination of bus and flight (one way)

3: 8 day tour with bus (2 ways)


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AMAZONAS RIVER AREA: The world famous Amazon River is home for spectacular wildlife and flora. The view of the river itself is unique and a really unforgetable experience. We offer 3, 4, and 5 day tours starting from Lima with a direct flight to Iquitos city and from there, a canoe ride will take us to our jungle lodge.


Tambopata Collpa macaw. Photo H. Torres
Manu Jaguar
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