Yacuma Protected Rainforest Reserve and EcoLodge:
Among the Ecuador Jungle Lodges, the Yacuma Reserve and Ecolodge is
located in the Napo River area in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

The Yacuma Protected Reserve spans over 300 hectares (3,000,000
square meters - 750 acres) of primary tropical jungle . With it richness in
species and diverse ecosystems, Yacuma Forest Reserve is an
extraordinary place for Ecotourists and nature lovers.
Welcome to Yacuma  EcoLodge
Main Adress:
Parroquia Chontayacu, Napo Province, Ecuador Rainforest
Emails: info@yacuma.travel /  reservasyacuma@ecuahotel.com /
Web Sites: www.yacuma.travel / www.yacuma-lodge.com

Representative Office:
Baquedano E5-27 y Juan Leon Mera
Cell Phone: (593) 0999191806 / 087454956
Phone:+593 2 2226 038 / +593 2 2542605
Quito - Ecuador
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Sunset at Yacuma
2000-01-8. Yacuma Ecolodge. Coyrights protected

Yacuma Ecolodge ended 2013 with a new certification by Rainforest Alliance and Travelife  
as one of the few ecolodges in Ecuador developing great efforts and work for the conservation of
the Yacuma Protected Rainforest Reserve and its support to the local Indigenous Chontayacu
Our kids and parents in Yacuma enjoyed the festivities of Christmas and they are ready to
welcome the New Year!....
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Yacuma Kichwa Community
This is an exciting and full of
adventures unforgettable tour to
the tribe that still preserves their
ancient traditions. With this tour
you will see the customs and
traditions of an authentic
Huaorani tribe with hikes full of
wildlife, typical of the Ecuadorian
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We are a joint ecotourism initiative between the
Kichwa and Huaorani indigenous communities
and the Ecuahotel chain.  It was created in 1997
with the purpose of fostering community work
and strengthening the social development
through ecotourism and sustainable tourism
practices for the benefit of the people,
environment and economy of our host

Yacuma Ecolodge and The Huaorani Camp are
an attractive ecological place, created for those
who love to live in harmony with nature.
The Yacuma Ecolodge
Wentaro Camp
Solar Panel
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