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The clothing you will need depends more than anything, on the altitude. At high altitude it can get very cold. At night, thermals and fleeces are a good idea. At lower altitudes and in jungle areas, shorts and miniskirts are generally worn by local women. Sunglasses are essential for the Salar the Uyuni and are advisable for the strong light and blue skies of the Altiplano.
Population: 7.9 millions inhabitants conformed by different ethnic groups: pure Indian 55% ; mestizo 35%, African 1%, European 9%.

l: The seat of governement and commercial capital is La Paz, while Sucre is the legal capital and the seat of judiciary.

Language  and religion
: The main language is Spanish in towns and cities, while in rural areas, Quechua, Aymara, Guaraní as well as other languages are predominant. 92 % of the population is Catholic.

The bolivian currency is the peso boliviano.
Country's Territory: 1,098,580 square km.

Geographical Location: Bolivia is located in the heart of South America, bordering with Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

Regions and climate: This country consists of five geographical regions: the highly populated Altiplano (3500 m), a plateau which stretches from the Peruvian border north of Lake Titicaca southwards to the Argentina border; the highland valleys, which lie south and east to the Altiplano and which boast near optimum climatic conditions and fertile soils; The Yungas, which form the transition zone between the icy peaks of the Andes and the steamy Amazonian forest; the Chaco, a hot, dry, impenetrable, and uninhabitable  plain along the Paraguayan and Argentine borders; and the underdeveloped swamps, savannas, scrub and the rainforest of the Amazonian Basin, which occupies much of the north and east land of the country.
Salar de Uyuni
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